Types of equipment we service

Anaerobic chambers Freezers — All types (-20°C to -150°C) Recorders, chart recorders
Autoclaves (bench top) Furnaces — muffle & box Refractometers
Balances Gauges — pressure & vacuum Refrigerators — all types
Bio-safety cabinets Gel dryers Reverse osmosis systems
Blood bank refrigerators & freezers, plasma freezers Glassware washers & dryers Rockers & rotators
Cell & tissue incubators Growth chambers Scales
Centrifuges — refrigerated and ambient, table top and floor Heat blocks Shakers – All types
Chemical fume hoods Hoods — Bio-safety Cabinets Shaker Incubators
Chillers                 Chemical fume hoods Slide stainers
Chromatography refrigerators                 Laminar flow hoods Sonifiers, ultrasonic cleaners
Circulators – heated & refrigerated Hot plates / stirrers Spectrophotometers
Clean rooms Hybridization ovens Speed vacs
CO2 incubators Ice makers Sterilizers
Cold rooms Incubators — all types Tensiometers
Cold traps Laminar flow hoods Test chambers, thermal cycling chambers
Conductivity meters Liquid nitrogen freezers Thermometers – all types
Cryobaths Lyophilizers / freeze dryers Timers / stopwatches
Cryostats Microcentrifuges Turbidity meters
Data loggers Microscopes Ultra-low temperature freezers, -80°C to –150°C
Degreasers, vapor degreasers Ovens Ultra-violet monitors
Drying ovens & chambers O2 probes & meters Vacuum ovens
Environmental chambers PCR machines / thermocyclers Vacuum pumps
Environmental rooms pH meters Warm rooms
Explosion-proof & flammable storage refrigerators Plate readers Water baths, thawing baths & dry baths
Freeze dryers Plate sealers Water purification systems, lab quality
Power supplies