Temperature Mapping & Validation Services

Alert Scientific, Inc. is a trusted name in temperature mapping and validation services for firms in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical equipment industries. Temperature validation studies are critical, as they provide facts regarding your controlled environments and processes. Our temperature mapping and equipment qualification services can help you meet all your validation needs.

Installation Qualification

Our Installation Qualification (IQ) provides documentation that the instrument is installed as required by the manufacturer.

Operational Qualification

Alert Scientific’s Operational Qualification (OQ) verifies that the equipment is able to operate at the parameters specified by the manufacturer and/or the end user by taking one reading every five minutes for a one-hour period.

Performance Qualification

Performance Qualification (PQ) verifies the satisfactory performance of the instrument in its normal operating environment. PQ can be an ongoing requirement throughout the operating life of the instrument. As parameters are changed, it assures the continuing correct performance of the instrument by taking one reading every five minutes for a 24-hour period. Upon completion, Alert Scientific provides you with your validation report which includes the finalized protocol and all supporting documentation.

These services can be performed individually or can be combined depending on your requirements.

With any qualification you choose, upon completion you will be provided a clear summary of the results, as well as detailed graphs with minimum, maximum, and average statistics.

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